Meet the markers

Every stitch marker is tested with a shake in a glass jar full of mixed fiber scraps.  If the wire ends snagged on any of the fibers, I remake the marker.  This also gives the handmade glass bead a little stress test.  If it's going to crack, I'd rather it happen on my work table than in your project bag.  I'm a fiber artist too, so I understand the importance of quality tools. 

Guaranteed Snag Free. 


A single piece of wire forms a stable, closed loop with the ends tucked neatly away. Simple and effective design. Three sizes available – Sock & Lace fits up to a US size 6, Everyday fits up to a US size 10.5, and Bulky fits up to a US size 13.


The same stable, snag free design as my fixed loop style with a leverback clasp attached. The clasp is tested for smooth action, and again, all wire ends are tucked away. Removable markers are great for crochet, but knitters love them too. Fits up to US size 11.


Necklaces have a Keeper Clip neatly attached to a 36" adjustable cord and they now include a single matching removable marker. Every set includes a coordinating Keeper Clip (no cord) to neatly hold all your markers, and some Keepers have a second clasp to secure to your project bag.