What are Stitch Markers used for? 

any type marker is good for:

  • marking the beginning of a round.

  • marking a decrease or increase.
  • marking small increments of stitches when casting on a large number. 
  • marking a border or button placket.
  • marking pattern repeats in chart work.

clasp markers are good for:

  • catching a dropped stitch to repair later.
  • marking the right side of a reversible knitted fabric.
  • marking the center stitch of a central decrease.
  • marking a start point to watch daily progress. 
  • saving that loop between crochet sessions because you just know that hook is gonna fall out into your bag.
  • marking a stitch on the cable cross row, count up from there till you cross again, move the marker up.
  • holding edges together when seaming.
  • marking an increase stitch for easier row counting. 


How does the guarantee work?

Every stitch marker is tested with a shake in my glass jar full of mixed fiber scraps.  However, the nature of handmade goods means anything can happen. If any marker ever breaks, simply send me a picture of the broken bead so I can match the color, size and style.  Provide your current address, and I'll replace it right away.  You can also bring any broken marker to my tent (check the calendar for upcoming events) and leave it to me.  I'll fix it while you shop. 

How can you get Knittyjax stitch markers in your local yarn shop?

My markers are mounted on cards suitable for display in a retail setting, and even have a space for a upc sticker.  I already have working relationships with local yarn shops in New Jersey, Virginia and North Carolina.  I'm happy to discuss wholesale arrangements.  Contact me here.



What Materials are used?

I source handmade glass beads in bulk, a few pounds at a time.  Beads that are broken or flawed are pulled out and discarded.  Beads that are too big or too small are saved for other projects.  The most unique patterns, details, shapes and colors are used to build sets.  There's a lot to consider when gathering beads for a set - size, style, hue, and many more characteristics are considered. 

The 20 gauge silver plated copper wire is just soft enough to allow perfectly consistent wraps every time, and sturdy enough to hold its shape in use.  Over time and with repeated use the silver may rub down to reveal the copper.  I find this patina quite charming.  

Cord used for my necklaces is not a leather product.  In testing, I found that the leather often leaked its dyes onto my skin, and didn't stay soft over time.  This leather-like cord comes in lots of bright colors that do not run.

What do customers like about KnittyJax stitch markers?

Customers tell me it's hard to lose these markers.  You can hear the glass bead when it hits the floor, and the sparkle makes it easy to find.  Once, a customer thought she had lost a marker at a restaurant.  She went back a week later and the staff had found it while cleaning. They had recognized it as something special and saved it for her!  Read more reviews here...