firefly, sock & lace

firefly, sock & lace


8 Sock&Lace markers

1 double Keeper Clip

This set includes 8 snag free stitch markers for knitting, handmade from unique glass beads and silver plated copper wire. Fits up to a US size 5 knitting needle. The Keeper Clip has a 1” lobster clasp and oversized coordinating glass bead and neatly holds all the markers together in your project bag or notions pouch, clip the other end to your bag handle or a necklace..

Each marker is made to represent one character from the ensemble cast of the science fiction show Firefly.

Serenity – silver and/or gray

Mal – brown coat

Inara – shimmery purple tapestries

Zoe – marroon blouse and/or khaki pants

Wash – aqua Hawaiian shirt

Jayne – orange, red and yello hat

Kayleigh – pink and/or white layer cake dress

Simon – white doctor's coat

River – red dress and cream crochet vest

Shepherd Book – gray hair and black shirt

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